Madura Utd (@1.36) vs PS Barito Putera (@6.0)

Our Prediction:

Madura Utd will win

Madura Utd – PS Barito Putera Match Prediction | 15-09-2019 04:30

You can understand by yourself the rhythms of goals maintained by the two teams Madura United FC and PS Barito Putera, and how much is It is probable that goals will be scored based on the past and we have the same data for the first and second halves as well. We arrive at the summary table, in which you will find all the values that we have explained the calculation in.

Madura United FC scored 14 goals and suffered 6 in home matches, for a total of 4 games won on 8 played. PS Barito Putera won away 0 matches on 8 play, conceding 19 goals and making 14. Judging this match from the technical level of the teams is quite simple, given the clear gap between the two teams that take the field home team dominates the statistics having Madura United FC done 12 points less of PS Barito Putera If we were to rely only on the statistics, we would definitely bet on it as the winner.

Analysis of the State of Form

To study the shape of the two teams we compare their last 5 days of play, as already shown on the rectangle at the beginning of the article. To be precise and clear, we describe what the fields of the table contain: date of the meeting and name of the teams, final and partial result, position in the ranking of the two formations.

Teams Madura United Barito Putera played so far 11 matches.Madura United won 5 direct matches. In 7 (70.00%) matches played at home was total goals (team and opponent) Over 1.5 goals. In 5 (50.00%) matches in season 2019 played at home was total goals (team and opponent) Over 2.5 goals. In 8 (88.89%) matches played away team was total goals (team and opponent) Over 2.5 goals. 4 matches ended in a draw. Barito Putera average scored 1.35 goals per match in season 2019. Below you will find a lot of statistics that make it easier Predict the result for a match between both teams. On average in direct matches both teams scored a 1.91 goals per Match.Madura United in actual season average scored 1.82 goals per match. In 8 (88.89%) matches played away was total goals (team and opponent) Over 1.5 goals. Barito Putera won 2 matches. Below the text is a list of the direct games.

If you are not already registered, do it, and you will see all our statistics on this page. This is the match prediction for the day 18 of the championship that takes place in Indonesia - Super Liga, between Madura United FC and PS Barito Putera We have everything, from percentages of probability to statistics , passing through the analysis of the state of form.

PS Barito Putera

In the section Schedule you will find full schedule of both teams for the whole season. In tab Goals stats (tab Stats->Goals stats) check how many loses and scored goals per game, how many games won and lost to zero. Our site is not limited to only as this. Check Odds stats (Tab Stats->odds), where you will find graphical statistics bet Under / Over and Handicap.In tab Form(Stats->form) you find graph teams form and a list of all matches of Madura United and Barito Putera in season. Also you can check the statistics of possession, shots, corners, offsides, and many other applications. We invite you to check Madura United and Barito Putera match statistict (Tab Stats->Match statistics), where you will find out who is the best scorer. You will find what results teams Madura United and Barito Putera usually end matches with divided into first and second half.

If you add the percentages of Over and Under both of the two teams that of the participants in the whole championship, you will have all the statistics necessary to best weight your bet. The average of the goals scored and conceded by all the teams in the league, compared with the average of Madura United FC and PS Barito Putera, is the basis for a quality prediction.

In our opinion, Madura United will more than likely create enough chances to score more than one when they face Barito Putera, who will not find it easy scoring a goal of their own. We reckon that it will be a decent 2-0 victory for Madura United when the full-time whistle blows. Scroll down for all of our predictions, poll and stats for the Madura United v Barito Putera game - along with the latest match odds.

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In their last meeting 5 meetings , Madura United have Won: 3 Lost: 0 and the teams have Drawn: 2. Madura United have scored an average of 1.8 goals per match whilst conceding an average of 0.8 goals whilst Barito Putera have scored an average of 0.8 goals per match whilst conceding an average of 1.8 goals.