Miami Dolphins (@7.0) vs Dallas Cowboys (@1.1)

Our Prediction:

Dallas Cowboys will win

Miami Dolphins – Dallas Cowboys Match Prediction | 22-09-2019 13:00

There was a lot of offense on that day, but what people probably remember the most was Marion Barbers impressive two-yard run. But in their most recent contests - it hasnt been from a lack of trying. In 2007, both teams were the top team in their respective conference, and the Cowboys lost 48-27. Then, in 2012, the Cowboys appeared to have the better of them before conservative play-calling and a last second touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Aaron Hernandez spoiled things for Dallas. Can you believe its been 23 years since the Cowboys have beaten the Patriots?

Martin and his linemates will have their hands full dealing with Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Zack Martins play early in the year didnt live up to the standard that he set in his All-Pro rookie season, but he seems to have settled in over the last few weeks as the offensive line has played better as a whole.

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Throwing a prediction out there right now, we have the Cowboys going on the low end 10-6 or the high end at 11-5 for the 2019 season. In fact, the Cowboys catch a couple breaks. Will that be good enough to win the NFC East? If not, what about a Wild Card spot? And even some of the teams with a losing record like Cleveland (added Odell Beckham Jr., Kareem Hunt, and Olivier Vernon) and Jacksonville (they now have a quarterback in Nick Foles) are expected to be better this season. Every other NFC division is playing an AFC division that has at least two teams with a winning record, and some even against three teams. Their AFC division this year is the East, which features New England and essentially nobody else. A lot is made about the Cowboys first-place schedule, but its not as bad as some make it out to be.

Dallas hits the road for the first in 2019 as the head up to FedEx Field to face the Washington Redskins. Expect Dallas to handle the Redskins in Week 2, gaining control early in NFC East. The Cowboys have dominated in the NFC in years prior but lost a heartbreaker in Washington thanks to some questionable officiating and a doink from kicker Brett Maher.

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New Orleans Saints

When you combine him with the rising star Will Hernandez, the Giants finally are building some protection for whomever they end up throwing behind center. The offensive line is taking steps forward and landing Kevin Zeitler in the OBJ trade shouldnt be discounted. The Giants lost a lot of talent this offseason, which is not what fans of a 5-11 team want to hear.

In 2019, this game will be played in possibly the loudest stadium in the NFL. The Dallas defense was clicking on all cylinders and held the Saints to an astounding 10 points. The Cowboys always play the Saints tough, especially in New Orleans, but I do not see this one going Dallas way. One of the high points of 2018 is when the Dallas defense shut down the high flying Saints offense in Week 13 on Thursday Night Football.

Then, well tally up each game and come up with a projected win total for the season. For example, if we think they have a 50/50 shot at winning a particular game, they will receive 0.5 wins for that matchup. Rather than just a straight up guess between winning and losing, we will use confidence level for each game to come up with a win value based on a percentage. We decided to run through the Cowboys opponents this upcoming season and try to determine the likeliness of the Cowboys winning each game.

Miami Dolphins

The team struggled running the ball (30th in the league in yards rushing) and Dalvin Cooks inability to stay healthy hurts, but the team added some fresh young legs in the draft with Boise States Alexander Mattison. Mike Zimmers defense played well, but the offense struggled despite having one of the best wide receiver tandems in the league in Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. The Vikings are strapped for cap space as they have a lot of money spread out to several different players, including paying a premium price for quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Whether its changing to the perfect play at the line of scrimmage, giving the coaching staff confidence to take an extra risk on special teams or defense, as well as forcing the opponent to play more aggressively to keep up with the production they know will come from the quarterback position for Dallas, having Tony in the game makes the Cowboys a more dangerous team.

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A lot of teams have plenty of tough games, and the Cowboys first-place schedule isnt going to hold them back. A 10-6 record has been good enough to get into the NFC players in each of the last four seasons, and it shouldnt be any different this year. While winning the division might be a challenging task with a team as good as the Eagles in the mix, a trip to the playoffs looks favorable.