N Wang D / Q Zhao (@1.22) vs C Hosonuma / S Jang E (@3.75)

Our Prediction:

N Wang D / Q Zhao will win
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N Wang D / Q Zhao – C Hosonuma / S Jang E Match Prediction | 11-09-2019 01:30

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degree (POSTECH, Korea), and Ph.D. He received his B.S. He worked for several years at the Samsung Institute of Technology (SAIT) before joining KNU in 2005. His research interests include various nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, electrospun nanofibers, porous anodic alumina, and ZnO nanorods) and their applications such as sensors, transistors, stretchable conductors, and stretchable energy storage devices. degree (POSTECH, Korea) all in Chemical Engineering. He was a visiting professor at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. degree (Yonsei University, Korea), M.S. Soo-Hwan Jeong is an associate Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Kyungpook National University (KNU).

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