Nagoya (@1.95) vs Oita (@3.7)

Our Prediction:

Nagoya will win

Nagoya – Oita Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 01:00

In case that a team is late for their first preliminary round because of an unavoidable accident, for example sickness or traffic accident, the Tournament Organizer and the Judging Committee will decide whether it is appropriate to give them one or two defeats, or to reschedule the match.

If both teams have had equal number of past Affirmative side debates, then the student leaders of both teams will do a Janken (Rock, Scissor, Paper) in front of the officials at the designated room. In the finals, the Affirmative and Negative side will be decided as follows: Both teams will count how many times they have debated on the Affirmative side so far (including both the Finals and the prelims). The winner team of the Janken will debate on the Affirmative side. The team with less Affirmative side debates will be the next Affirmative.

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In this years tournament every team should have 4 members in every debate match. The purpose of this rule change is to enhance fairness, to have more students participate, and to prevent 3- elite- debater teams. So the 3-member teams, which had been exceptionally able to enter the tournament until last year, cannot enter this year.

3. Process of Judging In sum, judging a policy debate is like policy making itself. The following 5 steps might help you to make fairer and more objective decisions. Just imagine yourself as a rational voter for a national policy referendum, and you are going to vote according to, and only according to the issues that are raised by each opposing party.

Hi Over from the UK Already spent today picnicking under blossom in Tokyo and here in Japan for 14 days. Given expected full bloom dates in what order would you suggest we do the following places in order to maximise full bloom viewing? Will be going as far as Hiroshima and then back to Tokyo.

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Protesting against the decision is strictly disallowed at all times. The decision of the judges for the game is final. Each judge may never change her/his decision after submitting the Judge Sheet to the Judging Committee. If the team do protest excessively the team may be penalized, possibly losing the chance at qualifying for the finals, getting the best debaters award, or attending future tournaments.

In that case, a judge should compare the ADs and the DAs rationally, using ones own value judgments. If the ADs outweigh the DAs then AFF wins, else the NEG wins. (For example, AFF insisted that each child should have enough math ability but NEG argued that childrens individuality should have priority. If a team has explained the value criteria for deciding whether the ADs outweigh the DAs, such debaters criteria should be used to determine the winner. Try to avoid your own point of view coming in. Recollect the latter stage speeches (summary) of the debaters. Which is more important? Such comparison should be done by the debatersthemselves. In some debates, neither team is able to present such value criterion effectively. If the NEG can not present a counter-criterion, a judge should decide in favor of the AFF). 5.Compare the net sum of the issues:Sum up the strength of the ADs and consider if it outweighs the strength of the summed-up DAs. A good AFF summary may present a value criterion insisting that their plan can meet the necessary civil minimum concerning math ability, and the value of such necessary ability outweighs the vague individuality value.

Also they do not have to argue on how it will be achieved. They do not have to prove that such situation will surely be achieved. The Affirmative teams should defend the hypothetical situation where most of the universities start their academic year around September. The Negative team should not, for example, attack that the majority of universities will not shift the beginning of their academic year to September. This assumption should not be challenged. The debate, for the sake of arguments, should take for granted (as a hypothetical premise) that such situation can be achieved.

Oita Trinita vs Nagoya Prediction & Match Preview

Needless to say, students should behave in a morally appropriate manner for a high school student, according to the HEnDA Make Friends Pledge. At all times, we expect students and teachers to show the spirit of fair play. Lack of direct prohibitions does not mean you are allowed to do anything else. This rulebook provides only minimum requirements for debating.

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